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Recently I’ve visited Summer Canteen with the kids and had a blast. I don’t know why I’ve never blogged about it before but Summer Canteen is a family favorite. So let me show you what we had.


Blood Orange Sodas for everybody

Who does not like these blood orange bubblies? Totally refreshing!


Miang Kham

These littles nibbles are little bites of heaven, I tell you! It is coconut, peanut, lemon peel, shrimp, ginger, chili wrapped in spinach leaves drizzled with tamarind caramel. Totally food-gasmic.


Beef Panang Curry

A classic Thai curry dish. It’s beef slow cooked in spicy coconut curry sauce. Delicious.


Pad Thai

Not all Pad Thai are created equal. This one’s superb by my standards.


Rib Eye Steak

Perfectly done with lots of veggies. The best part? The brown rice that came with it.


Mango Sticky Rice

I will never get tired of Mango Sticky Rice. Two of the things that I love.

Summer Canteen
4444 Lankershim Blvd, Toluca Lake CA 91602

xo, Emilie

Happy 1st Birthday to Streets of Thailand


To honor Streets of Thailand for serving Angelenos awesome Thai food, I’ve decided on Thai food from them on this wonderful Friday night. To check out previous blog post on SOT click HERE

Shrimp Pad Thai without bean sprouts

Shrimp Pad Thai without bean sprouts

What can I say, Pad Thai is definitely a no-brainer. It is comfort food to the family. And SOT’s version is as authentic as they come. I know people have different opinions on how a certain dish should taste like to be worthy of the word authentic but for me their version has the ingredients and flavors of what a pad thai should be. You might also wonder what happened to the bean sprouts which usually accompanies the dish, well, I’m not a big fan of bean sprouts so I asked them to make ours without it.

Garlic Pepper Pork over rice

Garlic Pepper Pork over rice

Another favorite is the Garlic Pepper Pork over rice. It’s more peppery than how I usually have it but it’s still good and still remains to be a favorite.

Mint Leaf Beef over rice

Mint Leaf Beef over rice

This dish is DH’s choice. According to him it’s good. He likes his with over easy egg on top but the flavors are good. Me? I wouldn’t know as I don’t like mint on my food 🙂 But if DH says it’s good, I believe him (very picky eater).

Chicken BBQ Thai Style

Chicken BBQ Thai Style

I haven’t even thought about ordering this because we just had too much food. But I’m so glad they gave me a free order to try. It is just delicious. Love love love the flavors. I am definitely getting these with a side of rice on my next visit.

And for those who are not familiar with the truck, Curbside Eats made this video about Streets of Thailand

To the people behind Streets of Thailand, CONGRATULATIONS! You guys are awesome. You’ve got the nicest crew and I mean that with all my heart. Wishing you more good business and more great tasting Thai food.

STREETS OF THAILAND!/pages/Streets-of-Thailand/112570125448793

xo, Emilie
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***note: all food are paid for by myself unless otherwise noted***

new food truck alert: Streets of Thailand


Another food truck just launched recently and I’m ecstatic to say I found them in the Valley. Say hello to Streets of Thailand

Streets of Thailand Food Truck

All of their entrees that day (11.17.2010) were $6 with free fried wontons. I have to say the food that you get is bigger than your average food truck entree.

specials you say?

Now it’s time to decide what to get for lunch…

ahhh... menu with pictures... sweet!

You got your food down, next what to drink and browse over the shelves for Thai specific items, Asian snacks, cookies/candies and lighter (?).


For the adventurous, one can try the nori seaweed flavored potato chips. I will try them next time.

nori seaweed flavored Thai Lay's potato chips

My kids love these panda filled cookies. And yan-yan sticks is so classic. Been munching on them since I was in elementary school.

Panda filled cookies

I just wanted to show how genius this cup-holder of sorts is. Truly perfect for street-side munching. I was told they were special ordered in Thailand. As B demonstrates in pic below, you can hold your Thai tea and box in one hand which frees up your other hand to dip wontons in its sauce. Love it!

genius "cup holder" - perfect for foodtrucking

Now let’s look at what we had for lunch…

fried wontons

The Thai Basil Beef over rice has chilies in it but the level of spiciness is mild.

Thai Basil Beef over Rice

The tacos are a nice alternative fusion style to the rice bowl. If the rice bowl is too much for you then the tacos are perfect. Priced at $1.50 each, it’s perfect.

Basil Beef Tacos

Chicken Pad Thai

Bacon dogs? Hmm…

Bacon Dogs

Decided to try out the meatballs and the family favorite is the fish.

meatballs - choice of Beef (dark round), Pork (lighter round) and Fish (square)

They have a a menu that you can take home to familiarize yourself with their food so that next time you come back you definitely know what to order.


Menu - front


Menu - inside



Menu – back

And that ends our foodtruck adventure in Streets of Thailand. Food was good, fast and affordable. Will definitely come back.


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