Sycamore Kitchen (2) | Los Angeles, CA



The kids were itching to have some babka roll so here are the delicious yumminess we had as a heavy snack…


Ginger Limeade and Iced Hibiscus Tea

My son had the Ginger Limeade and my daughter and I had Iced Hibiscus Teas. I was still thirsty when we were done so I ordered another Iced Hibiscus Tea to go.


Double B-LTA, crispy and braised pork belly, butter lettuce, balsamic tomatoes, avocado, mayo, country bread (11.75)

The Double B-LTA has long been my daughter’s favorite and this time it’s no different. She just had to order it.


Bacon, Onion, Swiss Quiche – served with small salad (8)


Salted Caramel Pecan Babka Roll (3.50)


xo, Emilie

FIRSTS: Greasy Wiener




The Greasy Wiener


I had the opportunity to try out The Greasy Wiener per the suggestion of fellow food truck fans @thefoodtrucker and @secretagentgrrl.


love the warning 🙂


I was introduced to Adam who took my order and I love that “smile, you’re on camera” signage right next to the order window.


want some iggys?


Wieners, Fries, Iggys – definitely sums it up. Condiments right on the counter along with abundance of napkins is always good and appreciated.


paper bag proudly stamped


Little things like stamping a paper bag with the logo and tagline is definitely cool.


wiener with sauerkraut




look at all that fixins


I ordered a Greasy Wiener with sauerkraut and boy, I’ve got to tell you, it’s good. The wiener did the trick for me. It’s an all original customade made wiener especially for The Greasy Wiener. You think you’ve had good hotdog sandwiches? Rethink it. Or if you’re like me who thinks how good can a hotdog sandwich be when it’s just a hotdog. Like I said… RETHINK IT! And try THE GREASY WIENER.








The Iggy slider is another story. It’s as fresh as it can get. Perfectly caramelized sauteed onions, fresh beef patties, slice of pickle, special sauce — what more could you possibly want?

If you’re like me who think wieners have no potential then go try The Greasy Wiener and be prepared to change your mind. RETHINK IT.

My visit at The Greasy Wiener Truck has given me LOADS OF FUN…IN A BUN. Seriously.


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Cafe Con Leche Truck



Cafe Con Leche Truck on Radford St. in Studio City

Not too long ago, my daughter and I had the chance to try a food truck serving authentic Cuban fare. It was a unique experience because it was a Cuban experience outside of Porto‘s.




Menu has  wide array of sandwiches, salads, pastries, desserts and coffee.



you got potato chips and PLANTAIN CHIPS!!! plus a lot of choices on drinks

You know me, always on the lookout for choices. And this display screams options.



a working refrigerated box for cold desserts



warm box for pastries



pan con lechon sandwich with plantain chips



cuban sandwich with plantain chips

Sandwiches are hearty with slightly toasted sweet cuban roll served with a side of plantain chips.



plantain chips from the truck

Now if you want more of the plantain chips, you can take it home with you.


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new food truck alert: Lardon


Oh my, feels so good to be back. I’ve taken a hiatus from “foodtrucking” as more important matters such as mommy duties surfaced. Now that school’s under way and things are going back to normal, I can turn my attention to food trucks.

Heard some buzz about a bacon truck in LA so off to Google I go. This led me to Lardon. I believe they had their soft launch last week and is in my neck of the woods earlier *gasp* Too bad. By the time I got to their twitter site they were already in Hollywood. No “chasing” today since I have mommy duties all day. Instead, I’ll just share what I found on the wonderful place of the worldwide web.

Their website doesn’t offer much as it is under construction but Urban Daddy has a their menu which is awesome!

The frisse au lardon looks so totally sinful and the lardon blt is just my kind of lunch. And their breakfast items are all a must-try (for me, at least). I will definitely try to catch them for breakfast soon. I hope they have some form of schedule this week so I can plan ahead.

So exciting! Imagine, BACON!!!!!