San Francisco: Off The Grid at M5


This mommy foodtruck adventurer got lucky enough to dip into the gourmet food truck scene in San Francisco. I was planning on going to meet up with a couple of foodie friends for some burritos by the mission (I think!) but it was a bit far from where we were staying. So I went for @inuyaki‘s recommendation which was Off The Grid at Minna and 5th. And guess what? It was just a couple of blocks from the hotel!

Minna and 5th alley --> M5

lunch crowd

Senor Sisig

Little Green Cyclo

Brass Knuckle

Chairman Bao Bun Truck!/chairmantruck

Ebbett's Good To Go Sandwich Truck

Onigilly Samurai Snack Cart

IZ IT Fresh Grill

Loved the line up of food trucks serving the lunch crowd. And they even have a seating area with live music! Wow! Impressive isn’t it?

outdoor seatting with live music

I would like to try the Fort Mason location next time I visit. Something super good to look forward to. To know more about Off The Grid visit their website .

xo, Emilie
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