Americana at Brand’s StreetFeast


I wasn’t planning on coming to this event as my experience with the last STREETFEAST was not so good. Translate, we went home “luhaan”(in tears) and “gutom”(hungry).

Earlier I got an email from Caruso Affiliated to its Loyalty Rewards members. The first 50 to RSVP gets the VIP Access. I called and I GOT IN. So it’s going to be me and the daughter. I broke the news to her and like mommy, she got all excited.

What’s making this event really special for me is the chance to sample The Manila Machine’s menu offering. Finally!

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Happy National Cheese Lovers Day!!!


to my favorite truck of all times…..

HAPPY NATIONAL CHEESE LOVERS DAY! Hope you keep on melting Angeleno’s heart forever 🙂

visit their website or send them a tweet 🙂



So last Dec 4 TGCT (The Grilled Cheese Truck) tweeted that they will be in Burbank for the lunch run. I was so excited as I was at North Hollywood at that time. Since I am an alien coming from NoHo, it took me a while to find parking and when I did I immediately proceeded to fall in line.

At first I thought well the line’s not going anywhere except forward so I stuck it out and waited and I waited for 2 hours. Under the sun. The duo in front of me was talking about how they have the number for TGCT and that a lot of people are calling to place thwir order and picking them up at the p/u window. So, a few minutes later I saw the duo leave the line and walked towards the truck. About 10 minutes later they, inconspicuously, picked up their order and left. I am not the only one who noticed the infamous duo nor the other groups who supposedly called and placed their order. Now, being the 154th person who got served I cry FOUL. But what can I do???

By the time it was my turn to order, they ran out of all the good stuff. I am left with plain grilled cheeses. Oh well… try again next time 😦