2nd Valley Food Truck Fest – Day 3


It was such a beautiful last day for the Valley Food Truck Fest…


such a beautiful day


A lot of trucks were in attendance for the brunch/lunch crowd.


Knock Out Taco Truck



Pacquiao won the night before and the taco version was sold out by the time we went home.... victory to Pacquiao and his fans






Papa's Tapas Truck






Wao Truck




The Greasy Wiener




The Surfer Taco




Mambo Juice




Street Hawker Truck




Hot Box Truck




The Place Truck




India Jones Truck




Tango Mango




No Tomatoes




The Shrimp Pimp Truck




Lake Street Creamery


It was a perfect day for late brunch for the whole family…


a perfectly way to hang out and have brunch on a very beautiful valley afternoon... in my opinion, that is 🙂


On the last day, the kids decided to come back for their favorites instead of trying a never-tried-before truck. We left Encino full and happy. I can’t wait for the next one.


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Wholly Rollers’ Valley Food Truck Fest – Day 1


3-day fest... epic!

Friday marks the first day of the Valley Food Fest organized by Wholly Rollers in Encino. And I would not miss it for the world. Speaking to Athena of Wholly Rollers, she wanted to bring this kind of event to the valley for the valley families to enjoy and not feel harassed. I can really say that it’s family friendly as I have my kids and one of them in a stroller. Falling in line is easy and I didn’t have a problem navigating with a stroller. There was enough seating as long as you don’t mind sharing the rest of the table with strangers. Luckily for me I had nice tablemates. I was able to park on the street but I found out there’s a $2 parking right next door. Crowd is mostly made up of families which is always nice to see. There’s something for each member of the family.

food trucks are lined up on both sides of the lot with tables and chairs lined up in the middle... the best set-up I've seen... people can line up in front of the truck without getting mixed up with the line from the neighboring trucks

Let me do the tour beginning from the entrance…

Border Grill Truck - they never opened due to truck troubles which is a shame because I was in the mood for the corn tamal 😦 hopefully they will be back Saturday.

White Rabbit Truck

India Jones

Greenz on Wheels

The Greasy Wiener

Tango Mango for some really good italian ice

Papa's Tapas

Maui Wowi

Tapa Boy

Vizzi Truck

The Place

The Munchie Machine


B wanted to get dinner from Tapa Boy and this is what she got…

Hand Roll Trio - Beef Tapa, Chicken Tocino & Pork Tocino

J had this…

Chicken Tocilog - chicken tocino (cured chicken), fried rice, tomato/cucumber slices, pickled papaya

and I had these…

Crispy Adobo Bowl - egg, crispy adobo flakes, fried rice ... really good

White Rabbit Truck tweeted about a special and here it is…

White Rabbit Truck's Red Velvet Flan

flan on top of a red velvet cake... sooooo sinfully rich!

Aren’t you hungry from looking at all these food? Here’s some screenshots from Wholly Rollers‘ site about the event and truck line up….

So what are you waiting for? Two more days left, plenty of time, plan accordingly, don’t harass people for parking spots and bring a big appetite…


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