Granada Hills Grubfest 06.21.2013


It’s not often that I document my visit to the two blocks of food truck heaven that’s happening in Granada Hills every Friday night. I know I have been MIA from blogging and I thought why not make a comeback of sorts starting with a regular event such as this, right?  Here it goes…



Something new that I haven’t seen the last time I was there was the signs. Finally this thing now has an official name.


Cousins Maine Lobster Truck

We’ve never tried this truck before and since we (meaning my kids and myself) love seafood, it seems like a good choice to try out and we weren’t disappointed.


Line was manageable but they kept it flowing with an efficiency of the armed forces. When paying with a card, you have your choice to add tip with a choice of 15%, 20%, custom or no tip. Their system does not look like that of the square reader but it sure is cool. Takes the guess work our of everything. Since they have more than one person working the griddle, we have our food in the pick up window within 2 minutes.

Connecticut Lobster Roll

The Connecticut Lobster Roll is Maine lobster, served warm with butter and lemon on a New England roll. You can easily tell the lobster was fresh, supple and juicy. Just has the right amount of lemon butter not drenched in it. There’s actually more lobster meat in relation to the roll.  Love it!

Maine Lobster Roll

The Maine Lobster Roll on the other hand is served chilled with a touch of mayo on a New England roll. I want to say this is my favorite but then I also like the warm version. So let’s just say I like them both. Again, just a touch of mayo so it did not overwhelm the lobster meat. Really, it boils down to preference whether you like your savory food warm or cold. Both are excellent choice.

New England Clam Chowder

We got a bowl of New England Clam Chowder to share. It was creamy and hearty. You can definitely chew on the clam meat in the soup amongst the potatoes. I’m not a potatoes kind of person so I left the potato eating to my kids but I enjoyed it very much.

Now, after trying out a new truck we were all ready for some comfort food. Meaning, the same two trucks we always end up with whenever we are there.

The Grilled Cheese Truck

At The Grilled Cheese Truck the kids got the Cheesy Mac and Rib Melt and the Brie Melt (on wheat).

Jogasaki Burrito

And for the adults, there’s the King Crab and Lobster Salad Sushi Burrito from Jogasaki Burrito.

And that wraps up our Friday night food crawl at the Granada Hills Grubfest. I’m actually quite excited to come back and have food from a never-before-tried food truck.

xo, Emilie

firsts: Lobsta Truck’s Pre-Launch Special Event


If you have been following them on Twitter and liked them on Facebook, you know that they’ve been hinting about a special event. Well, the much awaited tweet came…

So the seafood lover in me rearranged my friday accordingly. Thankfully, I have one errand I can do in Pasadena which made things easier. The kids and I arrived early and waited outside American Apparel. 5:56pm came and I saw a bare white truck slowing down to an apparently empty street parking. I moved into position and became first in line.

Lobsta Truck

Unfortunately, there’s this lampost that’s preventing them from opening the other door. Behind it was a nice display of assorted Cape Cod chips, bottled drinks and sodas.

you see that pole? yep, can't open that door

And so we ordered and waited for our food to be ready and off we went to savor the goodies at home. Here what it looked like as we were walking away…


the line when we left


So we got ourselves some clam chowder…




Lobsta rolls … chunky, sweet, succulent, rich… addicting


lobsta roll


Crab roll … equally good but I have to say the lobsta roll is the star 😉


crab roll


What better way to spend a chilly Friday night with the kids than to munch Lobsta Truck goodies while watching a movie?


movie night!


The end…

Until they tweeted that they’ll be making a stop in West LA… and of course we went. Too bad we got there 30 mins after the line started and all the lobsters were already spoken for. It’s nice to see both of their windows up though. I totally like the display.


finally both doors up!


a close – up…


"Maine" themed sides and drinks



While keeping with the “Maine” theme here… I thought to give these Maine-brewed drinks. Ginger brew was refreshing with a big ginger punch. Would be perfect for those lobsta rolls.


ginger brew


I’m not much of a root beer person but B said she loves this one.


root beer


And so, if you haven’t had the chance to try the Lobsta Truck I suggest you try them soon. I know in this economy $11 seem excessive for what some people call “just a 4 inch glorified sandwich” but I say there’s no harm in trying. What’s the worse that could happen? If it’s not for you, then it’s not for you. But if you happen to like it then it’s a good thing you tried then, right?

And if you liked them enough be sure to head to Pasadena today, Friday, December 3 from 6-10 in the Old Town area on Green and De Lacey for Lobsta Truck’s Maine Event.


Emilie 🙂

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