Truckit Fest Sneak Peek at Whole Foods Market Tarzana


It all started with this tweet. I thought that while it is not in my neighborhood it is close enough. I have to check out their pandesal buns that they just got.


GFTs in front of Whole Foods Market Tarzana


And to my surprise, there were 5 GFTs lined up. Why didn’t I know about this? Was their tweet RT? I did a little internet research and it looks like this is going to be one of the sneak peak Whole Foods Market is sponsoring to promote the inaugural TRUCKIT Fest at Union Station on March 6,2011.

So, let’s take a look at the GFTs that were there.


Curbside Craving




Border Grill








India Jones Chow Truck




Temaki Truck


Other GFTs scheduled to appear were Ahn Joo and Slammin Sliders. It was raining cats and dogs but people came for some tasty eats. I wish it promoted more because it’s rare that GFTs come by this area.


GFT patrons sought cover from rain to enjoy food from trucks


It’s not too late to take a sneak peak into TRUCKIT Fest. Check out the following Whole Foods Market locations …

Huntington Beach
Saturday Feb. 26 2pm-4pm

7881 Edinger Ave Suite 150 Huntington Beach, CA 92647

4 Trucks
Giselle’s Catering
Sweet Lou’s BBQ
Joga Sushi (this is what’s on the Truckit Fest website, I think it means Jogasaki Burrito).

Saturday Feb. 26 2pm-4pm

3751 E. Foothill Blvd
Pasadena, CA 91107

6 Trucks
Curbside Cravings
Grill Masters
Pyongyang Express
Temaki Truck
Vesuvio Truck

For info about the Truckit Fest click HERE.

For Whole Foods Market’s website click HERE.

Whole Foods Market Tarzana (follow them on twitter HERE)

18700 W. Ventura Blvd
Tarzana, CA 91356

xo, Emilie
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Westside Foodtruck Central 02.14.2011


It’s Valentine’s Day but it’s also Monday Night which only means it’s din-din time at Westside Foodtruck Central over at Overland and Washington. Truck lineup was varied and interesting and me and the family had yummy-licious dinner 🙂

Here are the trucks that were there:


Ta Bom!


India Jones Chow Truck

Grill Em All

Lee's Philly

Tapa Boy

Fishlips Sushi

Ludo Truck

Barbies Q

Boba Truck

Komodo Truck

Lomo Arigato


So, our Valentine’s Day dinner may not have been your typical over the top restaurant dinner but it was still special because we spent it together over good food.

Happy Foodtrucking!!!

xo, Emilie
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Femme Festivale


I saw this flyer/poster at Mandoline Grill’s blog, I think, and I thought what a nice event to support fellow females. And I made a note of the date so I can try out Canter’s Truck and Dosa Truck.

Check out pictures taken during that day…


the Other Door lot




Dosa Truck




Dosa Truck's Menu




Canter's Truck




Canter's Menu


Just made me realize I didn’t take a picture of the Mandoline Grill Truck…yikes! Sorry!


Mandoline Grill's menu

And finally…






Happy Foodtrucking!!!

xo, Emilie
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Westside Foodtruck Central 02.07.2011


Another Monday rolls in and I’m excited to get some dinner over at Washington and Overland. Below are the trucks that came. There might be more since I left at 6pm.

Chunk N Chip Truck

India Jones Chow Truck

Chef Che's Argentine Cuisine

Tapa Boy Truck

Grill Em All Truck

Lee's Philly

Tastymeat Truck

Lomo Arigato Truck

Lomo Arigato's Menu

Bacon and Chicken Chaufa - Peruvian style fried rice

If you’re ever around the area on the nights or days that they’re there… check them out!

Hope to see you there!

xo, Emilie

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2nd Valley Food Truck Fest – Day 3


It was such a beautiful last day for the Valley Food Truck Fest…


such a beautiful day


A lot of trucks were in attendance for the brunch/lunch crowd.


Knock Out Taco Truck



Pacquiao won the night before and the taco version was sold out by the time we went home.... victory to Pacquiao and his fans






Papa's Tapas Truck






Wao Truck




The Greasy Wiener




The Surfer Taco




Mambo Juice




Street Hawker Truck




Hot Box Truck




The Place Truck




India Jones Truck




Tango Mango




No Tomatoes




The Shrimp Pimp Truck




Lake Street Creamery


It was a perfect day for late brunch for the whole family…


a perfectly way to hang out and have brunch on a very beautiful valley afternoon... in my opinion, that is 🙂


On the last day, the kids decided to come back for their favorites instead of trying a never-tried-before truck. We left Encino full and happy. I can’t wait for the next one.


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for more info on and for future events: