Check out the trucks I’ve chased

since October 2009



Asian Cravings

Auntie’s Fry Bread

Boba Truck

Bollywood Bites

Border Grill

Buttermilk Truck

Cafe Con Leche


Canter’s Truck

Cheeseball Truck

Comfort Truck


Crepe’n Around

Da Burger Boss

Dainty Cakes

Dim Sum Truck

Dosa Truck

Dumpling Station

Fishlips Sushi

Flying Pig Truck

Fresh Fries


Get Toasted Truck

Global Soul

Glowfish Truck

Gourmet Genie

Greasy Wiener


Komodo Truck

LA Fuxion

Lake Street Creamery


Little Spoon Desserts(no longer operational)

Lobsta Truck

Lomo Arigato

Longboards Ice Cream

Ludo Truck

Mambo Juice

Me So Hungry

Mighty Boba Truck

Munchie Machine

No Jodas Cuban Truck

No Tomatoes

Nana Queens

OG Tempura

Papa’s Tapas Truck

Patty Wagon

Peanut Butter Bar

Smokin’ Willie’s

Street Hawker

Streets of Thailand

Ta Bom

Tango Mango

Tapa Boy

Temaki Truck

The Bun Truck

The Boba Truck

The Fox Pizza Bus

The Grilled Cheese Truck

The Shrimp Guys

The Shrimp Pimp

The Sweets Truck

The Manila Machine

The Yummy One

Tornado Potato

Truck Norris

Vizzi Truck

White Rabbit Truck

World Fare

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