2 thoughts on “Contact Me

  1. Hello!! We are also part of your mailing list, but haven’t gotten any vendor applications as of yet. Thank you so much!

    [ who are we ]
    We are called the “Temaki Truck.”

    [ what are we ]
    We are an innovative, fun sushi handroll truck where you can grab a quick, delicious, mouth watering hand roll to satisfy your sushi cravings.

    * We would love to take part in your future events. It would be greatly appreciated if you can contact us regarding any information about this. Thank you so much.

    Hana Woo

    • i have authentic thai bbq on stick and sticky rice. i used to own thai restaurant due to illness i can not work but it does not mean i can not make good and authentic thai bbq pork. i put my product in thai market sold out every day. however it’s peanut compare to whole sale i rather make less profit per stick and do more in quantity. i do not add msg to the product at all. if you would like sample if you not far from me i live in glendale area i will bring it to you. you don’t like it no heart feeling. at least taste my creation just see what i could do at no cost to you. you think it’s crap i’ll walk away no question ask. i prefere txt before talk 818-983-5002.

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