Flippin’ Yolk is Flippin’ Good


I finally got the chance to try out new food truck Flippin’ Yolk. When I first heard about them, I thought what a brilliantly apt name.

According to their Facebook Page, they aim to…

Bringing Flippin authentic Filipino flavors with an American/Mexican twist to your neighborhood.

Did they do that? They definitely did. Plus their rice portion is on the larger side for those used to a lot of rice. And for those of us who loves Filipino food with a passion knows that Filipino food is best enjoyed with piping hot rice (can be plain white or garlic depending on your preference).

Let’s look at a little bit of their history…

Flippin’ Yolk was founded by four friends working in hospitality whose goal was to share Filipino cuisine to their local communities. Four of them decided to work on their dream of owning a food truck to contribute to the revolution of having authentic Pinoy food in SoCal with their twist on one of the famous Filipino dishes”Tapsilog” (TAPA-marinated beef, SINANGAG-garlic rice, and ITLOG-fried egg). 

The truck…





The menu…


1. Begin by choosing your FLIPPIN item

SISIG (See-Sig)
Pork shoulder (butt) braised tender, marinated in a tangy citrus soy sauce, grilled, chopped, and is then sautéd in onions, topped with sliced serranos and crunchy Chicharrón

Thinly sliced Top Sirloin (ASADA) beef that is griddled with FLIPPIN’s exclusive seasonings

CHICK ADOBO (ahh-doh-boh)
Chicken breast slow cooked till fork tender in a garlic soy sauce marinade with a hint of vinegar

LONGA (Lone-g-ahh)
In-Truck made Garlic Pork Sausage


TOCINO (Toe-seen-O)
Filipino version of bacon.

2. Select your FLIPPIN style

Three (3) corn tortillas, choice of FLIPPIN item, shredded cabbage, Tapatío aïoli $ 5

Choice of FLIPPIN item, Chipotle mayo, garlic rice, shredded cabbage, a FLIPPIN yolk (fried egg), wrapped in a flour tortilla $ 7

Cheddar and Pepper Jack Cheese melted inside a flour tortilla with your choice of a FlLIPPIN item $7

SILOG (See-Low-g)

Select a FLIPPIN item, Filipino style with garlic rice, and a FLIPPIN yolk (fried egg) $ 7


TURON (Too-row-n)
Banana spring roll $ 3

Breaded caramel custard $ 3

Sarsi, royal, coke, sprite, bottled water, buko juice ( coconut juice )


The food…


Beef Tapa Tacos


Beef Tapa Silog


Chicken Adobo Silog


Longganisa Silog


Tocino Silog


Beef Tapa Wrap


Sisig Silog


Deep Fried Leche Flan

Food is overall good. I’m not much of a soft taco kind of person but my daughter loves them and she loved her tapa tacos. The Silogs were great in general. I love that the amount of rice they have in one order is actually substantial even for those who are voracious rice eaters. The Tocino definitely looks and tastes homemade. I love that it’s not too sweet. I also like their Longanisa as it is skinless and tasted pretty good. My favorite would have to be the Chicken Adobo because it has depth of flavorful, kinda like a 2 day old adobo which I actually prefer over the freshly cooked one as the meat has been sitting in its own sauce and is more flavorful that way. Flavorwise, I would prefer a more vinegar-y kind of adobo but then adobo is pretty much is cooked based on the preference of the person eating it. The Deep Fried Leche Flan is muy delicioso.

It was a really good dinner and I’m so glad we had Flippin Yolk. I would definitely go back for more.

Flippin’ Yolk

xo, Emilie

10 Most Unique Food Truck Cuisines


original blog post at zen college life and can be accessed HERE

Think a meal from a food truck is limited to either a slice of pizza or a greasy taco? Think again. There’s a whole new generation of creative chefs in locations across the country who have taken food truck cuisine to a new level, offering a variety of quality items on their menus that put many brick-and-mortar restaurants to shame. Whether you’re a street-level foodie or a newbie to the culture, the following list of unique food truck cuisines might surprise you or at least make your mouth water.

1.Haute cuisine on a stick – “We create classical haute cuisine and we put it on a stick,” says Chef Ruth Lipsky who runs the Houston-based food truck Stick It with her chef boyfriend, Alberto Palmer. Not only is their menu of filet mignon with garlic mashed potatoes and grilled vegetables unique to food truck cuisine, so is its presentation. Lipsky credits the stick food at the Renaissance festivals she attended as a child for inspiring this venture. Chipotle honey-glazed chicken with charro beans and rice and beer-battered fish with hand-cut fries are just two other menu items the culinary duo cooks and skewers on 10-inch bamboo sticks.
2. Bratwurst – Well, yes, bratwurst isn’t exactly unique to food trucks, especially for those who grew up going to state fairs in the Midwest. But Austin, Texas, food truck Wurst Texoffers several variations on the perennial Germanic sausage that will surprise even the most seasoned regular at Oktoberfest. Their menu includes veggie brats, buffalo brats, elk brats, and, since this is Texas and you don’t want to mess with it, rattlesnake brats. Many early settlers in Texas came from Eastern Europe, so is it really surprising that the brat is so popular in the Lone Star State?
3. Products from local farms – Odd Duck Farm to Trailer, in Austin, Texas, creates a daily menu out of locally produced food. Half quail with potato salad, butternut squash with greens, and roasted beets with grilled carrots are just a few of the delectable and inexpensive items truck owner and chef Bryce Gilmore serves to a clientele loyal to his cuisine and their local farms. Gilmore also runs the brick-and-mortar restaurant Barley Swine, serving pork, lots of beer, and dishes made with ingredients sourced from local farms.
4. Big fat doughnuts – Austin food trailer Gourdoughs concocts and serves a mind-blowing array of doughnut creations for the most discerning yet gluttonous of sugar addicts. “More is more” must be the mantra chanted by Gourdoughs culinary team, as each doughnut is filled almost to a fault with a wild combination of exotic ingredients. Plain ol’ whipped cream is utilized as well. Street-smart troubadour Tom Waits once sang of a diner on a particularly mean street, “All the donuts have names like prostitutes.” Gourdoughs menu is no exception, with items that include Heavenly Hash, Dirty Berry, and Blue Balls. Mmm. Eat up!
5. Reindeer sausage filled with Coca-Cola-soaked grilled onions – Wurst Tex’s menu is bland compared to that of Biker Jim, who serves sausages from a steel cart on the busy downtown streets of Denver, Colo. The former repo man takes delight in creating hot dogs from wild game, including boar, antelope, and pheasant, and serving them to hungry “cops and crooks, politicians and babysitters, office workers and tourists.”
6. Vegan gluten-free chili served over brown rice – After gorging yourself on rattlesnake, Blue Balls, and Coca-Cola-soaked onions, hop a plane to Portland, Ore., for a much healthier meal at Mira’s Ladle which boasts several homemade vegan dishes, many inspired by Polish cuisine. The food is made fresh daily, and includes organic vegetables and, for the non-vegan dishes, humanely raised animals. Mira’s Ladle hosts a Water Bar where you can buy ionized alkaline water by the gallon. Visit Mira’s truck to eat and drink healthy and support an independently owned business. Pretty cool!
7. Tempeh ribs (i.e. Vegan barbecue) – Portland, Ore., boasts a lively, and health-conscious food truck scene that includes the Homegrown Smoker food truck specializing in vegan barbecue. Soy curls, tempeh ribs, barbecue beans, plus traditional comfort foods that include cole slaw and mac and NO cheese, can be washed down with sweet mint iced tea or lemonade. Even the most rabid of meat eaters will find their mouths watering, although they’re probably going to ask for seconds.
8. Mexican Grits – Owned by sisters of Spanish, Italian, Puerto Rican, Mexican, and American descent, the Crazy Sisters food truck serves both “street” and “gringo” food, including Mexican grits, to citizens of Fort Worth, Texas. The sweet and spicy dish, with roots in Native American as well as Mexican cuisine, includes bacon, onions, peppers, and mushrooms with a handful of slow-cooked brisket. It’s a unique spin on a familiar dish. Interestingly, three-quarters of grits sold in the U.S. are sold in the South, including Texas which is part of what’s known as the “grits belt.”
9. Ratatouille – Writer Ernest Hemingway famously opined, “Paris is a moveable feast!” But San Francisco is where you have to go for white table cloth French cuisine served out of a converted taco truck. Spencer on the Go offers ratatouille, grilled sweetbread with sherry, truffle boeuf bourguignon, and other quintessential French dishes at prices that range from just $12 to $16. For dessert, treat yourself to an escargot puff lollipop.
10. Barbecue pulled pork waffle – Leave it to those crazy Belgians to come up with a food truck that serves both Brussels and Liege-style waffles as intense as the New Yorkers who eat them. The Wafels & Dinges food truck serves instant sugar comas in the form of hot waffles dripping with whatever dinges (Flemish for things or stuff) you can imagine, including what Today’s Al Roker calls, “The best pulled pork barbecue on the East Coast.”

celebrating National Cheese Lover’s Day on January 20


Being a cheese loving family, this cheese holiday is exciting as we get to eat cheese the whole day. Yay! It’s time for us to have our favorites and discover new ones.

The Grilled Cheese Truck

The Grilled Cheese Truck

What better way for us to celebrate this precious holiday…combining two loves… cheese + gourmet food trucks = The Grilled Cheese Truck. So here’s their Friday schedule so we can all plan accordingly.

Friday schedule screenshot

xo, Emilie
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eggs’s the word – Egg Slut


I’m sure their choice for a food truck name has conjured up all sorts of reactions. And if it’s the first time you’ve heard of them, don’t let the name drive you away. If you love all things food, then you’re in for a treat as Chef Alvin and the Egg Slut crew whip up egg-centered goodies.I’ve blogged about the Egg Slut when they were fairly new in the GFT game. Read about it HERE. And now I’m back to introduce to you some NEW menu items.

Sausage, Egg & Cheese

Sausage, Egg & Cheese

Sausage, Egg & Cheese – This hunk of a breakfast sammie is made from “Truck Made” turkey breakfast sausage, over medium egg, Tillamook cheddar cheese, honey mustard aioli in a brioche bun. J, who happens to be a very picky eater, likes this one. The turkey sausage has a bite to it from the ground pepper but not overly so and well seasoned, it’s nicely rounded by the over medium egg and beautifully finished with the sweet tang of the honey mustard aioli. Simple yet heavenly.

Scrambled Eggs and Toast

Scrambled Eggs and Toast

Scrambled Eggs and Toast…oh yeah, you’re thinking it’s probably something you can make at home, right? Just like you think you can make the unassuming grilled cheese until you’ve had The Grilled Cheese Truck. Looks simple but the flavor is all but simple. Chef Alvin made this buttery scrambled eggs with chives served “open faced” on a thick cut french loaf to be the ultimate luxe breakfast item, to me this is luxe. Soft, pillowy, buttery…luxe.

Kaya Toast

Kaya Toast

Ahh…Kaya Toast…this menu item is super new. Don’t let the appearance fool you. I would call this the perfect weekend snack. A rich tropical snack. Made from eggs and coconut milk whipped together, flavors reminiscent of the Filipino’s beloved “bibingka“, resulting in this curd-custard consistency and spread in between toasts, served with over medium egg with sweet soy. It’s such a treat to have a snack that reminds me of “bibingka” and “Pasko” without the actual “bibingka” and although the timing is right (i.e., Christmas season), I was in West Hollywood instead. I would like to try this dish with thin slices of salted duck egg on top of the custard…making it “bibingka especial

bibingka – Philippine rice cake made with rice flour and coconut milk. Usually topped with butter, eggs and coconut. It is a traditional Christmas food sold outside of Churches where people buy it after the “Simbang Gabi”/midnight mass. (source: wikipedia)

Pasko – tagalog for Christmas

Breakfast Taco

Pancake Taco

The Pancake Taco is Egg Slut’s version of your breakfast tacos. Scrambled eggs, bacon drizzled with maple syrup served sandwiched on a folded fluffy pancake.



PBJtotheZ – named after one of Egg Slut’s loyal customers, @JtotheZ. It has peanut butter cream cheese icing, Bonne Maman fig preserves, hickory smoked bacon, fried egg in a brioche bun. This, to me and the kiddies, is THE ONE. It has the perfect combination of sweet, salty and savory. This one is a MUST TRY.

Bacon, Egg & Cheese

Bacon, Egg & Cheese - photo from princess gourmet

Bacon, Egg & Cheese – the name speaks for itself. If the sausage is not for you and you prefer bacon, then this is the one for you. Super rich, heaven in a bun kind of thing.

Thee Slut

Thee Slut

Thee Slut – this Egg Slut classic is still available. It is soft coddled egg on top of potato puree, cooked in a glass jar and garnished with grey salt and chives. A classic and a MUST TRY.

So if you’re in LA, it’s about time you find Egg Slut and give them a try. They will not disappoint.

twitter: @EggSlutLA
Facebook: Egg Slut

xo, Emilie
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Happy 1st Birthday to Streets of Thailand


To honor Streets of Thailand for serving Angelenos awesome Thai food, I’ve decided on Thai food from them on this wonderful Friday night. To check out previous blog post on SOT click HERE

Shrimp Pad Thai without bean sprouts

Shrimp Pad Thai without bean sprouts

What can I say, Pad Thai is definitely a no-brainer. It is comfort food to the family. And SOT’s version is as authentic as they come. I know people have different opinions on how a certain dish should taste like to be worthy of the word authentic but for me their version has the ingredients and flavors of what a pad thai should be. You might also wonder what happened to the bean sprouts which usually accompanies the dish, well, I’m not a big fan of bean sprouts so I asked them to make ours without it.

Garlic Pepper Pork over rice

Garlic Pepper Pork over rice

Another favorite is the Garlic Pepper Pork over rice. It’s more peppery than how I usually have it but it’s still good and still remains to be a favorite.

Mint Leaf Beef over rice

Mint Leaf Beef over rice

This dish is DH’s choice. According to him it’s good. He likes his with over easy egg on top but the flavors are good. Me? I wouldn’t know as I don’t like mint on my food 🙂 But if DH says it’s good, I believe him (very picky eater).

Chicken BBQ Thai Style

Chicken BBQ Thai Style

I haven’t even thought about ordering this because we just had too much food. But I’m so glad they gave me a free order to try. It is just delicious. Love love love the flavors. I am definitely getting these with a side of rice on my next visit.

And for those who are not familiar with the truck, Curbside Eats made this video about Streets of Thailand

To the people behind Streets of Thailand, CONGRATULATIONS! You guys are awesome. You’ve got the nicest crew and I mean that with all my heart. Wishing you more good business and more great tasting Thai food.


xo, Emilie
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***note: all food are paid for by myself unless otherwise noted***