Trois Familia

UntitledI have been wanting to hit this brunch spot since it opened. Birthday weekend came and I thought what a perfect reason to go. So we did. When we arrived, sign-up was already on the second page, meaning we will not be seated on the first wave and we have other things planned so we left. Well, we finally did make it and we were third in line. Perfect!


It’s located in a strip mall along Sunset Boulevard in LA’s Silver Lake area. They open at 10 am every day but they don’t take reservations. If you’re brunching, it’s best to arrive early and have your name down on a clipboard situated somewhere next to the door. There are benches outside or you can grab coffee or take a nap in your car.

UntitledThe kids opted for soda and a very delicious horchata. I opted for the housemade limeade which was refreshing.


poached egg, chorizo ham, potato mousseline, marigold flowers $10.85

One of the dishes we shared is the poached egg, chorizo ham, potato mousseline, marigold flowers dish. One word comes to my mind. DIVINE. You have to take small bites with the three major components in the spoon and just let it roll around your mouth. Tasting each component separately and together. It’s just wonderful.


poached egg, chorizo ham, potato mousseline, marigold flowers $10.85

You can see in the picture above, hiding under the potato mousseline is the poached egg and chorizo ham.


duck confit, leche de tigre, sweet potato, basil $19.50

This duck dish did not do it for me. I do like duck I guess just not this way. Maybe if it were boneless then maybe I would have a different opinion but the flavors were alright.


double decker potato taco, lime, creme fraiche, carrot pico de gallo, jack $12.50

The dish above has to be the star of our brunch. It was amazing. Dare I say life changing? Yes, for me at least. See I never liked soft taco. The taco that I like and grew up with is the Filipino kind. It’s the one sold in Greenhills in the middle of a shopping mall in the Philippines. It’s a hard shell taco with shredded lettuce, ground beef and cheese. That’s it. I never liked the soft version, and being in LA, believe me I have tried. Well, I guess this one is a hybrid(?). As you can see it has both a hard and soft shell. I took a bite and I was hooked. I mean, I still think about it. I want to go back really bad. Maybe I should…just by myself or have those to go. (Now I’m just rambling LOL!)


Galette crepe: egg, ham, comte, avocado milk $15.25

Galette crepe was suggested by one of the staff. And I can see why. Ham and cheese. Who does not like? I’m sure there are people who does not like but you know what I mean. The avocado milk adds a different touch to it. Maybe even safe enough for those who do not like avocado.


salted caramel crepe $5

We had the salted caramel crepe to finish off our brunch. It was simple and good. Not too sweet.

Would I come back? Of course! Do I recommend? Of course!

xo, Emilie

Trois Familia
3510 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90026

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