@thesweetstruck … one classy truck

So it was Thursday (Feb. 11) and it was time to meet @thesweetstruck to pick up the VDay boxes I ordered. I was excited to finally meet the truck. So I headed out to Universal City Nissan and was greeted by the rear of the truck.

Right there and then I can tell a lot by the person who manages/owns the truck.

And then I got a view of the front, which was very pleasing aesthetically. Let’s admit it, people will judge on face-value. That, I think, is human nature. And TST has taken that into consideration. They obviously put a lot of thought on how to be functional and yet pleasing to the eyes.

Their display is gorgeous. The display was well made with ample lighting and space so that the outrageously beautiful array of sweets can be showcased.

To the left of the display is the menu, which is, again, custom-made. With their staples already printed on it and enough space for Molly to write down all the other special goodies available that day.

Now, would rather look at …

Since Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, they also have in stock some sweet treats for everyone’s honey.

And let us not forget the Red Velvet staples in every size…

And I have to mention that they do carry some of the best kept secret stuff for the chocolate lover.

Zzang Bars from Zingermans

Flake from Cadbury (much appreciated by peeps who grew up in and are from the UK, Philippines, Australia, etc.)

Nestle’s Aero Bar and Cadbury’s Crunchie Bar

What I love about TST is that apart from the snacks and desserts is that they also have drinks ranging from coffee, tea to juices and your trusted water bottles.

What impressed me the most though is that their to-go box and packaging are biodegradable. Although the gift boxes are not 100% at least what’s not plastic is biodegradable.

The VDay boxes that I ordered has that nice little window where people can peak at the goodies inside without revealing the whole stash.

The boxes came with Madame Chocolat‘s Dark and Milk Chocolate Malt Balls, Jelly Belly, Sweet Riot, Zzang Bar from Zingermans, Cookie Casa sampler and Sweet Square Dessert Sampler.

For my family, I got ginormous red velvet cookies…

which was very good. The cream cheese frosting was very light and it wasn’t overwhelming.

I also got the Madam Chocolat Milk Chocolate Malt Balls, Cookie Casa crack bar, Smores and Toffee Bar from Sweet Square, Zzang Bar and those gargantuan choco chip cookie.

Can you believe those cookies were bigger than my 3 year old son’s head?

The best part about the whole experience is dealing with a very professional and dependable top cookie in the name of Molly T.

Til we meet again @thesweetstruck


www.thesweetstruck.com for more info 🙂

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